Social-Economic Token

$LHTC is showcasing in Little Haiti, Miami, how the power of crypto could resolve the social-economic challenges of Haiti.

  •          Increase the wealth of Little Haiti residents
  •          Save Little Haiti's Mom and Pop Shops
  •          Employ Little Haiti's youth
  •          Beautify the neighborhood
  •          Fight Back Gentrification
  •          Promote the Haitian Culture in Miami
  •          Banking Little Haiti


Name $LittleHaitiCoin
Ticker $LHTC
Purchase methods Only as a reward.
Total in Circulation 1,000,000 $HTC
Minimum Purchase $3 per SQ FT
Blockchain Cardano


Fund Distribution


$LHTC is at its very early stage of development. The purpose of our Little Haiti Cleanup is to fund the operations that will lead to the ICO launch.

In this process, you receive $LHTC, goods or food in reward:

  • $1.00 - Little Haiti Cleanup
  • $1.00 - Little Haiti Businesses
  • $0.30 - Business Expansion
  • $0.30 - Token Development
  • $0.40 - Sales & Marketing
how it started

Our Roadmap

Concept Creation of $LHTC

Write down the concept and arrange the success, development and management team.
Preparing Whitepaper, Token Development and Website.

Migration from XLM to Cardano

- Finding out how Cardano's mission is more insinct with ours, we have decided to migrate to Cardano.
- Officialize partnership with the City of Miami,

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- Official launch of the pre-ICO campaign to cleanup 300,000 $LHTC
- Launch $LHTC business directory

Private ICO

- Official launch of $LHTC's public ICO with the objective to sell 200,000 $LHTC at the price of $3 per token
- Airdrop of 1 Little Haiti Coin to Little Haiti residents; 50,000

Public ICO

Launch of $LHTC public ICO.

Official Launch of Cleanup Program

In partnership with Lafleur Cleaning Services and Keeping It Haitian Vendors Association, Captain Haiti have been awarding $LHTC to volunteers for their contribution in cleaning up Little Haiti.

The goal is a total crypto-powered cleanup of every square foot of Little Haiti.

Donate Cardano

Increase Captain Haiti's Crypto Power

Captain Haiti's shield is powered by Cardano. Increase its strenght by contributing some $ASA to his wallet.

Scan the QR code or copy the address below into your wallet to send some Cardano to Captain Haiti.



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Receive $LHTC for every Square Foot you sponsor.

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Sponsor 1 SQ FT Cleanup

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1 $LHTC in Reward


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Awesome Image
Sponsor 10 SQ FT Cleanup

Awesome Image
10 $LHTC in Reward

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1 ''Welcome to Little Haiti'' Sign Planted


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Awesome Image
Sponsor 100 SQ FT Cleanup

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100 $LHTC in Reward

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Your Logo on 10 Signs

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Thank you video from Captain Haiti