Meet Our Team

We are proud of our great team. We are one of the most motivated and
enthusiastic people, and are always ready and willing to help out where needed.
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Stanley Dorvil

Co-Founder and Chief Engineer

Stanley is the inventor of the $HaitiCoin
cryptocurrency, and is the Co-Founder
and Chief Engineer of HaitiCoin.

With over 20 years of technology and
startup experience, he has held positions
as a Computer Network Enginner for large
companies overseas include countries
in Europe and Africa.

He has installed and maintains
several Bitcoin mining farms.

Stanley received is degrees in
Computer Science, Microsoft Systems,
Novell Systems, Security,
Machine Learning, and mathematics.

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Captain Haiti

Brand Ambassador

Captain Haiti is the official flag
carrier for $HaitiCoin.

Like Captain America uses his super powers to save America, Captain Haiti uses your buying power to save Haiti.

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Martin Jean-Baptiste


Retired in his late 20's from a succesful
sales career with the top Canadian
Telecommunication Corporations,
Martin now invest his talent in Social Entrepreneurship.

He is the creator of the very
first educational Haitian Game App on Android.

As founder of Cafe Goudou in Canada,
and now the CEO of #KeepitHaitian
Network in the US, he helps Haitian
Farmers develop new markets for their produce.

Support Haiti's Economic Revolution Today

They have no money, no bank account, no credit card, no problem.

Give them 1,804 $HaitiCoins!
Distribution Date until January 1st 2021
Limited Token per individual 1,804 $HTC
Millenial Population 2,764,400 Citizens
Total $HaitiCoin Needed 4,986,977,600 $HTC
Minimum Purchase $18,04
$HTC Token Price $0.01US
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1,790 left 14 sold
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