#KeepingItHaitian Vendors Association

Building the Haitian-American dream!

Making Little Haiti more welcoming for Social-Entrepreneurs.

Taking care of business... and culture!

Strength in Numbers

We join forces as vendors to push forward the specific challenges we face as Haitian-American social-entrepreneurs.

Together, we take care of business by empowering others to take care of culture.

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Taking care of business... and politics!

Political Participation

While we have no specific party affiliation or political agenda, the political issues that affect our vendors are among our concerns.

Our association will contact legislators on behalf of our vendors and fund political campaigns to push forward legislation that favors commerce.

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Taking care of business... and gentrification!

Improve Business Climate

As Haitian American vendors we unite on the Climate Gentrification of Little Haiti and develop new strategies for securing business oportunities and creating an atmosphere to establish partnership with developpers respecful of our culture.

With effective leadership and adequate participation, our vendor association make it easier for our vendors to make money in Little Haiti and also enjoy the process.

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How it Works?

The number of projects is steadily increasing in Little Haiti; therefore it is important for Haitian Vendors to showcase their products, services and commodity to the decision makers.