Cardano Token.

1 Million

$LHTC token is based on Cardano blockchain. It's total supply is 1 Million.

It's a decentralized peer to peer cryptocurrency for anyone invested in Haiti's economic development.

$LHTC can be used to buy, sell, trade and invest with cryptocurrency in Haiti and Little Haiti.


To provide an alternative channel for Haitians to flourish under a truly globalized and populist approach of financial assertion and transparency paradigm.

Earn $LHTC in Reward
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What Makes
so Valuable?

Earn $LHTC in Reward


Avoid the danger of picking up money in Haiti.

Avoid Corruption

Protect your money from corrupted Governement officials ($1.50US).

Cut Fees

Send $LHTC directly to any cellphone in Haiti.

24/7 Access

Instant access to liquidity, whenever you need it in Haiti.

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