To provide an alternative channel for Haitians to flourish under a truly globalized and populist approach of financial assertion and transparency paradigm.

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ERC20 token.

1 Quadrillion

$HTC token is be based on Ethereum blockchain. Its total supply is 1 Quadrillion.

It's a decentralized peer to peer cryptocurrency for anyone invested in Haiti's economic development.

$HTC can be used to buy, sell, trade and invest with cryptocurrency in Haiti.

What Makes
so Valuable?

Hire a Millennial About $HaitiCoin


Avoid the danger of picking up money in Haiti.

Avoid Corruption

Protect your money from a corrupted Governement officials ($1.50US).

Cut Fees

Send $HaitiCoin directly to any cellphone in Haiti.

24/7 Access

Instant access to liquidity, whenever you need it in Haiti.

Token Pre-Sale Proceeds

Token sale is process of generating and selling $HaitiCoin Token. In this process, you'll get tokens on discounted rate + bonuses.

  • 20%         Pre-Sale
  • 20%         Free Distribution to love-ones in Haiti
  • 10%         ICO Public sale
  • 5%         Small Business Grants and Loans
  • 15%         Product & Marketing
  • 10%         Partnership & Ecosystem
  • 20%         Reserve

Cryptocurrency Investments


Fund Distribution

It is also possible to have a static supply with a dynamic funding goal, in which the distribution of fund will be made according to the funds received.

  • 15% - Team & Salary Expenses
  • 10% - Regulatory and Legal Fees
  • 10% - Product Development
  • 25% - Sales, Customer Relation & Marketing
  • 25% - Business Expansion
  • 15% - Software Maintenane & Development
how it started

Our Roadmap

Research & Development

Set up the concept and arrange the success, development team and management.

Content Creation

Preparing Whitepaper, Token Development and Website.

Pre-Sale Launch

Telegram & Social Media activation, Pre-Sale of $HaitiCoin with a Private ICO Campaign and Referral Program.
Distribution of 1,804 HaitiCoin to Haitian Millenials citizens.

Wallet Listing

$HTC Token listing on Trust Wallet.


Distribution of $HaitiCoin to unbanked Haitian citizens.

Token Creation

Creation of the $HaitiCoin token contract on Ethereum.